Teekkarin työkirja 2013

In 2013 I was the editor-in-chief and art director of the  Teekkarin työkirja 2013 magazine. You can view the whole magazine here. My tasks included selling the advertisement for the magazine, recruiting the editorial staff of writers, illustrators and photographers, conceptualising and visually designing the magazine as well as illustrations, writing and photography.

Teekkarin työkirja is a career planning guide meant for all the technology students in Finland. It is published annually and it has a circulation of 11 000.

I decided to base the concept of Teekkarin työkirja 2013 on dividing the book into five parts. These parts would reflect the different phases of a technology student’s job hunt. The parts were themed in following way:

– Trust (How to search for a job),
– Dare (Where to connect and how find a job)
– Experience (What is it like in different jobs)
– Dream (How to plan your career)
– Find (List of companies hiring technology students)

All of the different parts of the magazine had their own opening pages and theme colors.