The Koodi2016 Book

I designed the layout of a publication by Juhani Mykkänen and Linda Liukas. You can learn more about the project here and read the whole book here.

A little bit background for this project: In fall 2016,  computer programming became an official part of the Finnish primary school curriculum. Not as a subject of its own, but as part of mathematics. So, from 2016 onwards, regular teachers from grades 1-9 begun teaching programming.

The Koodi2016 book is meant for teachers and decision-makers in education. It explains why programming is important and how you should teach it. It gives concrete ideas and examples on how you can teach programming and coding without knowing how to program yourself.

In the Koodi2016 book, I aimed for clear, fresh design – something that would lower the threshold to grab this easy-to-read book even more, as teaching programming is not something most teachers look forward to.

Each chapter begins with a spread explaining it’s content. In addition the layout offers subtitles, pull quotes and sidebar-style content (tietokulma) to make it easy to read, understand and grab. Each distinctive part of the book has it’s own coloring: blue, pink and orange.